Accepted Supplies

Katy’s Kloset Accepts the Following Supplies for Donation

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To borrow equipment, use  our new ONLINE REQUEST or call (262) 746-9034.  Visit the KK Lending Page for more information.

Equipment Donations & Returns:  Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 AM (except when closed)  Additional Hours:  Wednesday, June 5th, 4:00-6:00 PM

All Katy's Kloset onsite operations will be closed May 19th-27th.


Note: Katy’s Kloset will only accept items that are:

  • New and gently used

  • Odor, smoke, and mold free

  • Unopened supplies in the original manufacturer’s packaging

FORMULA (Unexpired)

Nutrition Drink
Powder Drink
Enteral Formula

FORMULA (UnexpiredINCONTINENCE (Unopened; in original manufacturer’s packaging)

Barrier cream cloths
Diapers with tabs
Disposable Gloves
Diaper Liners
Protectant Skin Cream/Ointment
Pull-up Underwear
Shampoo cap rinse free

MEDICAL MISCELLANEOUS (Unopened; in original manufacturer’s packaging)

Alcohol prep pads
Disposable cold pack
Donut inflatable cushion
Needle collection and disposable system
Saline solution
Sterile water
Toothettes oral swabs

OXYGEN (Unopened; in original manufacturer’s packaging)

C-pap mask
C-pap nasal pillow
C-pap tubing
Oxygen nasal cannula
Oxygen tubing
EZ wrap tender grip

ORTHOPEDIC (Unopened; in original manufacturer’s packaging)

Ankle Foot Orthotic
Bed ladder
Elastic sport bandage wrap
Cast Protector Arm or Leg
Compression pantyhose
Compression sleeve
Compression stockings
Heel elbow protector
Elastic knee brace
Night splint foot
Support socks
Tubigrip tubular bandage roll
Walking Boot

OSTOMY (Unopened; in original manufacturer’s packaging)

Ostomy adhesive remover spray/wipes
Ostomy bag clips
Hollister ostomy bag closed/drained pouch
Hollister ostomy barrier
Ostomy barrier ring 2″
Ostomy barrier spray
Ostomy elastic barrier strips
Ostomy no sting barrier wipes
Ostomy powder
Ostomy stoma paste
Hollister urostomy pouch drainable

TUBE FEEDING (Unopened; in original manufacturer’s packaging)

Feeding bags
Feeding pump carry case
Feeding Pump
G-tube extension

WOUND CARE (Unopened; in original manufacturer’s packaging)

Abdominal pads
Adhesive Island Wound Dressing Bordered Gauze
Coban wrap
Cotton tip applicators
Mepilex soft silicone foam dressing
Liquid wound dressing
Medical tape
Non adherent strips
Tefla non stick gauze pads
Rolled gauze
Ag silver alginate wound dressing
Sterile gauze pads/sponges
Split sponges
Sterile gauze pads
Transparent film dressing/Tegaderm
Wound dressing silver antimicrobial
Silicone foam dressing with bordered adhesive
Hydrocellular foam dressing
Oil emulsion wound dressing
Wound spray cleaner

URINARY (Unopened; in original manufacturer’s packaging)

Catstile soap towlettes
Catheter insertion kit
Foley 2 way cathether tube holder stabilization device
Foley catheter insertion tray without catheter
Foley catheter tube holder leg band
Foley insertion tray 1000 ml/1100 ml
Foley tray system-foley catheter tray insertion kit includes catheter 16FR 2000 ml
Irrigation tray with piston syringe
Lubricating jelly tube, unopened
Urinary drainage bag
Urinary extension tubing
Urinary catheter
Urinary leg bag

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